It’s been a long time NTR has delivered outstanding movie. The best scene of the film is undoubtedly the court-room scene. NTR is terrific with his dialogues in the entire court room scene.


Daaya Shankar (Jr. NTR), who hopes to become a police officer. With the help of local people, Daaya succeeds and turns as Sub Inspector of Hyderabad. Seeing his corrupt angle, Valter Vasu (Prakash Raj) makes him transferred to Vishakapatnam. Due to some unseen circumstances, Lakshmi (Madhurima) gets involved in a rape issue. Seeing the proofs from Lakshmi, Daaya gets to realize the true responsibility of a Police officer. Why were Vasu’s men trying to kill Lakshmi? Who is Lakshmi? What’s her attachment with Shanvi (Kajal Aggarwal)? What will Daaya do, after realizing his goal forms the rest of the storyline.

Stars Performance:

Jr NTR is amazing how he has managed to flourish under almost every condition that has been put before him. To all those who complained that he had become too monotonous, Temper seems to be NTR’s way of saying that he has decided to change his image slowly but steadily. He sports six-pack abs much to the delight of his young fans, both male and female. Kajal too looks toned and well-dressed. We have to make a special mention of the stylist and her fitness trainer as both of them have done an amazing job to her. Prakash Raj is as Waltair Vasu, his usual best. He also gets to shake a leg in the item number. Though surprisingly, while he is the main villain, it seems as if he has a shorter role than Posani Krishna Murali. Madhurima, who has been in news for all wrong reasons, plays the ‘sister’ of NTR who is on the lookout for her lost sister. Despite all stories prior to the release, she leaves her mark with her presence and does a fairly good job. Posani Krishna Murali gets another meaty role in keeping with his present popularity and since he is a pro, he carries it well. Ali, Saptagiri, Vennela Kishore are wasted in badly etched roles. Pavithra plays the mom once again, but thankfully her role is not melodramatic. JP, Subbaraju put in decent performances. And last, but surely not the least, there is the item number by Nora Fatehi who is a hot find.

Techinical Team

Music for the film is by current wonder boy of Tollywood Anup Rubens. Must say, he does not disappoint. A couple of songs are catchy and in all it is a decent album. A mention has to be made of NTR’s favourite Mani Sarma who provided the background score. Cinematography is by Sam K Naidu, who does a good job. The editor could have chopped off some scenes added in the name of comic relief. Stunt choreography is by Vijay who had worked for Salman Khan’s films like Dabaangg and he does a visually impressive job. As always, the choreography is another highlight of the film and NTR gets to do some interesting moves which will make his fans go crazy in theatres. Incidentally, Temper is also a do-or-die film for Puri Jagannadh who is going through a bad phase himself. But he seems to have got all his elements right this time around for Temper.


After ‘Rakhi,’ this is the best film from NTR if message matters. The atrocities on women are focused on a new angle. When dealing with a social message, it is hard for any writer or director to support the commercial heroism. Distinctively, Puri and Vamsy scripted the story by opening the movie first on a negative shaded hero character and then steered the film into lot of emotional depth with a crucial rape. This resulted in big variation between first and second halves.

In one line, entire first half looked like a scrap with no where Puri mark visible. May be for the first time, he could not add a full-fledged comedy track disappointing the humor lovers. Even the interval block was so feeble. From here on, field was set for a serious and high voltage second half. Puri managed to cover the consciously made first half loop holes with a cleverly brought in second half new track. Orientation of movie changes altogether bringing forward a durable message hitting hard as a nail. All in all, Puri is at fault for first half and NTR is at the best in driving second half.