STORY: The story starts off with an injured Vishnu (Rahul Ravindran) being rushed to the hospital. He then reminisces about his happy-go-lucky past — how he, as a child, became friends with fellow orphan Tiger (Sundeep Kishan), how he met the love of his life Ganga (Seerat Kapoor) and how things brought him to where he is right now. The movie then cuts to the present with his friend Tiger avenging the harm inflicting on Vishnu in a case of an attempted honour killing. And of course, the movie has a happy ending with the couple being re-united by Tiger.

MOVIE REVIEW:The way the screenplay goes, it seems as if Sundeep Kishan has very little to do with the story except being Rahul Ravindran’s bodyguard and avenger. He does nothing except fight and release outbursts of punchline-filled dialogues. Rahul Ravindran gives his trademark performance with his standard angst and shock expressions throughout the movie; barring the few scenes when he is wooing the Seerat Kapoor. The same can be said about Seerat Kapoor; who does nothing more than what every female lead does in a mass entertainer — smile, get angry, cry and hug. Rahul woos Seerat in the stereotypical stalk-till-we-get-together style and the chemistry between the two is lost somewhere in the first 40 minutes of the film.
The saving grace of the film is the comedy. The comedians Thagubothu Ramesh, Chitram Seenu, Satya, Raghu and Fish Venkat who deliver slapstick comedy scenes that ensure laughter and some scenes with the baddies which are total rib-ticklers, (spoiler) like the scene where the henchman who is supposed to kill Rahul’s character is the one who ends up donating blood to him.
The only convincing actor in the movie is perhaps Bobby Parvez, the Bollywood actor who plays Seerat Kapoor’s father.
The other good thing about the movie is the intention to raise awareness on honour killing. Rest of the plot gives the audience a Deja vu of Arya 2. The first half is a painfully long build up to the main story and the second half has nothing but fights and forced realizations. Music by SS Thaman is mediocre at best. The first song Samayya, is worth listening to. All the other songs, like Vaddura Mama and Hey Tiger are bland. Most of the background score of the movie seems heavily inspired from various dubstep tracks.

Rating: 2.5/5